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Welcome to Q MAGAZINE On Line - your virtual access to the only Magazine of its kind in Australia.

Q MAGAZINE - the ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country.

American Idol’s David Hernandez released “ILY.”, a new summer anthem that is perfect for the Pride season, on May 21. Co-written with Stewart Taylor and produced by Alex Teamer and Push Kahlon, its powerful message is one of inclusion and how it is vital that we love one another for who and what we are. “ILY. is not pronoun specific and that was intentional,” Hernandez points out. The initial pre-chorus was written as “I wouldn’t be the man I am if it weren’t for you”. Hernandez changed the line to “I wouldn’t be who I am, if it weren’t for you”. “I want everyone to be able to identify with the song’s message. We are lacking inclusion in music and it needs to be recognized because inclusion inspires understanding and humanizes our experiences.” Hernandez’s “ILY.” is being distributed independently and is available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Tik Tok, Amazon, and all other major e-music retailers. Its music video is on Youtube. Q Feature.

Dear valued readers of Q Magazine, Please take part in the Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) 15th Annual LGBTQ Community Survey! For over a decade, this survey has provided free data to help non-profits, universities, and organizations better understand and serve the LGBTQ community. The report will be published on the CMI.info website for free download on approximately August 15. Previous surveys have had over 45,000 participants from 150 countries! Also, participation in this survey gives important feedback to our LGBTQ community media and organizations, and provides data to companies interested in serving our community, sponsoring our charities, and supporting their LGBTQ employees. The survey should take about 12 to 15 minutes to complete. Here's the link to start the survey https://survey.cmi.info/se/359D342B06DB7AA1?CMID=1073 Q Comment.

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