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Welcome to Q MAGAZINE On Line - your virtual access to the only Magazine of its kind in Australia.

Q MAGAZINE - the ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country.

BRECIK: ALL THE WAY! During this time in isolation I have been sitting back and listening to artists that I really enjoy and their greatest hits. I felt really inspired and as I sat there listening to a few tracks of my own, I was really proud of the colourful history of these tunes. I thought… there’s no better time to put all of my best tracks together, some that were released as singles and some that probably should have been! So I decided to create a few new songs, release songs that have never been heard before and bring back my previous hits to create the greatest hits collection ‘BRECIK – ALL THE WAY…’ After releasing three albums and three EP’s I gratefully had plenty of favourite tracks to select from. Considering the amazing feedback and some very special dm’s on Instagram, I concentrated on the songs and what they meant to me and why I originally decided to record them. It was a lot of fun, and from these conversations ‘BRECIK – ALL THE WAY’ was created. Twenty Five tracks that really define me as an artist and my life through music. Q Feature.

I am very thrilled and honoured to have been asked to be a Champion of Pride365.If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime - preferably via brett.hayhoe@gmail.com Pride 365 has a mandate to bring an end to pink-washing and ensure that only those businesses that are truly authentic and consistent with their support of the LGBT+ community should stand out from those that don’t. Every business or organisation that publicly commits to incremental improvement towards inclusive practice and authentic support with Pride 365 is another step in the right direction. However for all we do, the global phenomenon of pink-washing is so far reaching and entrenched in normalcy that though unfortunate, we cannot achieve its end alone. And so we require help from those who see value in our mission. Champions of the Pride 365 Movement come from all walks of life and will use their public influence to help spread our message for positive change for the LGBT+ community and the world. Pride 365 Certified on Facebook Pride 365 on LinkedIn Q Comment.

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