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Welcome to Q MAGAZINE On Line - your virtual access to the only Magazine of its kind in Australia.

Q MAGAZINE - the ONLY free to street monthly Gay and Lesbian glossy A5 publication of its kind in the country.

As originally appeared in Gay Community News: https://gcn.ie What made you start your backpacking journey? I cheated on my boyfriend and he seemed to regress to being a 4-year-old, like would literally say in a baby voice he had to take me out in my pram, lol. In my defence he was a head case and I wasn’t ready to be with one guy. Plus, I did tell him that night ... after the guy rang and left a message on my answering machine We tried to make it work but life was getting stagnant and he needed serious help. Marcus Proctor is an actor/writer whose book the excerpt comes from ‘Happy Traveller’ is coming out this year along with a TV drama ‘Elliot’s Creek’ in Australia, a comedy ‘Mikey’ in Canada and another in the U.K. ‘Heaven Can Wait’ where he plays the lead in all three. IMDB For further information, please see https://m.imdb.com/name/nm2467657 OR https://au.linkedin.com/in/marcusproctor Q Feature.

In my ever evolving quest to provide advertisers the broadest possible set of payment options, Q Magazine now accepts cryptocurrencies as full payment for advertising. I have a range of currencies in addition to BitCoin in my CoinSpot, CoinJar, Trust and Exodus wallets available to you.If you are a member of Qoin, I also take payment in full. Please email me at brett.hayhoe@qmagazine.com.au to discuss all the various options further. * some conditions apply Q Comment.

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