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Q MAGAZINE's successful formula has delivered readership growth and loyalty, unmatched by any other gay publication in today’s market.

To advertise in Q MAGAZINE, please download our Media Kit below. For further information, call 0422 632690 or send an email.

Advertising in Q MAGAZINE promotes your business or event in Full Colour to the greater Gay and Lesbian community of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, and the World - and stays there for a full month. You can view our highly successful online publication at www.qmagazine.com.au, www.magzter.com and www.pressreader.com/australia/q-magazine.

We also offer a professional graphic design service.

Advertising in Q MAGAZINE is not only cost - effective, it makes great Business Marketing sense.

Please use the Media Kit as a guide only. Discounts often apply.


Click here to view our Media Kit (pdf format - 42Kb)
Click here to download our Media Kit (zip format - 78Kb)